Our Promise

Thank you for considering having your Land Cruiser built at Proffitt’s Resurrection Land Cruisers. I’d like to take a minute of your time and tell you why we are the best choice you could make when selecting a shop for your project.

Proffitt’s has been building Land Cruisers since 1995. We are well past the learning curves associated with our industry and have withstood the tests of time. Over the more than 20 years of experience building Land Cruisers, our team has practically done it all. We have restored almost 100 Land Cruisers, performed over 200 engine conversions, engineered nearly as many custom suspensions, plus designed, fabricated, and installed thousands of bumpers, roll cages, steering and brake conversions, and other custom Toyota Land Cruiser products. With that much under our belt, we’ve streamlined essentially all of the processes and have knowledge of all of the correct parts necessary for virtually any Land Cruiser build. Moreover, I believe that the systems we’ve developed over all those years has resulted in “our way” of performing these services being “the best way possible”. From design, placement, parts and materials, plus an expert eye for “correctness”. We just do it right.

A few years ago, we entered into a partnership with a larger corporation that didn’t work out. It was an experience that we all grew from. We were much smaller for awhile after that, but the time came to “Resurrect” Proffitt’s in May of 2016. Re-entering the industry for the second time (this time with the help of my brilliant and supportive wife, Chandra Proffitt) I feel like I am much smarter, and Proffitt’s is much more like a business than a hobby. My first goal was to hire only the best employees, and that goal has been met. We have 3 of our original technicians and 3 more new ones. Everybody is an expert and we have zero weak links. My second goal was one we’ve always had- to build the best Toyota Land Cruisers possible. We are meeting that goal as well. Because we are an all-under-one-roof fabrication, restoration, mechanical, and auto body shop, it’s easier to maintain the very high level of quality control that I expect. I admit that it’s easy to do that with the staff we have. We are very lucky to have employees that are loyal, dedicated, and who all genuinely care about the business and its products. Our attention to detail is impeccable, and every task we perform is done so with perfection as our goal.

Another goal I have for Proffitt’s is to be affordable. However, to be very candid with you, it’s expensive to run a shop like ours. It takes an incredible variety and quantity of tools to complete all of the tasks that we perform, as well as a sizable facility. Taking care of a staff as skilled and dedicated as ours is expensive too, especially when you do it legitimately like we do. In order to pay for everything, we have to charge time and materials on every hour of every project. Our rates are fair, but the kind of work that we do often takes a lot of time. My promise to you is that your money will be well spent, and that each minute spent on your project will be a productive one.

Please feel free to contact me on my mobile number any time with regards to your Land Cruiser project.

Thank You,

Jeremiah Proffitt

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