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Low Mile 1978 FJ40 Survivor Toyota Land Cruiser

Available from the owner in Wyoming is is this incredibly rare mostly unmolested survivor FJ40. This is the kind of rig that is refreshing to see become available with so many terrible SA restorations and cobbled up versions of the 40 flooding the market. Unlike them, this FJ40 should continue to appreciate while being enjoyed by its new owner.  Read below for the owner’s description. This FJ40 is not at the shop, but I have studied the pictures and will verify that the details proved by the owner (below) are accurate.

Price is $75,000

Inquires should be made by calling or emailing the shop

(970) 596-7363

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My speculation is that in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s, the demographic of buyers for these iconic trucks
had rugged intentions. Farm and ranch work, utilitarian off-road plans, over the river and through the
woods excursions that excited the adventurer’s instinct. It’s evidenced by most of the FJ40 original
survivors witnessed today that made it this long without ending up in the chop shop or the salvage yard.
This particular truck was, and is, an exception to that notion. It is clear that all who have been fortunate
enough to own this one, had a different idea for its purpose. And thankfully, their actions and care of
this truck were synonymous. The proof is all over it. This truck was destined for a life of pampering,
preservation and conservation. What you see is the original Freeborn Red paint on the body, cab and
hardtop. Never repainted. The FJ obviously spent most of its life, and certainly all of it with me, in a
garage. There is nothing on this Land Cruiser, anywhere that suggests it was EVER mistreated or dare I
say, used for its intended function. The bezel and top cap have never been repainted. Yes, there are
scratches and imperfections but not much makes it to 45 years old without them. The wheels have been
repainted as well as some of the components in the engine bay (air cleaner, brackets, other small
components). Sometime in its life, the floor in the rear of the cab was also painted. That is the only area
of the truck that shows evidence of a freshen up. The roll bar pads, dash and interior bumpers are
original and in great condition. Check out the Conferr sticker! If you know what this is, kudos! The 40 has
just shy of 58K original miles. This truck is a North American spec, California dealer delivered, numbers
matching unicorn. And it runs and rides like it did when it was new. It does not have a rear heater that
many of these trucks came with. It never had it. It has power disc brakes up front. All of the gauges and
switches function properly. I’ve added some upgrades to the truck, all of which could be undone if
desired, including a Tuffy console (original console will be sold with the truck), a Warn 8375 winch and
aftermarket bumper (original bumper will be sold with the truck) rear light protectors, and modern
seatbelts in the front and the rear seats. I also added a Toyota mini truck power steering system with a
radiant cooler for the pump. That was an incredible upgrade. The steering is tight and easy. The smog/
emissions equipment is intact and functioning as designed. The stitching on the driver’s side seat has
come apart on a couple of the seams. I’ve taken up permanent residence on the fence about this but
have kept it original and untouched up to this point. It could be easily repaired. There are quarter sized
rust spots behind each turn signal on the front fenders and very slight bubbling on the right rear sill. You
can barely see it in the pictures and not much better with the eye. Absolutely unheard of for Japanese
sheet metal of this vintage. The dry, arid climates of California, Arizona and Wyoming were primary
contributors to that fortunate circumstance. There is a modern stereo system in the console but it is not
wired for function. The in-dash stereo is inoperable. I will answer all questions honestly and as quickly as
possible and I encourage interested parties to come take it for a ride. It will make you smile and
Wyoming is beautiful this time of year.