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1982 BJ45 Troopy




If you scroll through our Vehicles for Sale section, you will notice that we don’t offer many imports, especially “restored” imports on our site. That’s because there are simply very few Land Cruisers that were restored outside of the US that aren’t loaded with issues. But, every once in a awhile, one shows up that was actually done pretty well. This BJ45 Troopy is one of them.

I haven’t seen this vehicle in person, but I have carefully reviewed the pictures and I can only spot a few things that I would change, Most of them are simply choices that the restorer made (or maybe someone stateside changed) that I don’t agree with. These include the stainless steel allen head fasteners, the white spokes, and the interior accent color (white versus the standard pewter), which are just a style choice made by the restorer. None of these really compromise the quality of the restoration. What I see that I believe needs correction is that some of the restoration components are not OEM. The weatherstripping for example is aftermarket, as are the hood latches, and likely more. These aftermarket pieces may have been used because the restorer didn’t have access to OEM, but I would change them out. (and the bolts….stainless steel allen head bolts should be banished from the planet) There are some other enhancements that can be done too.

What I see that I really like is that the restorer actually took the whole thing apart. If you watch our Youtube series, you’ve heard me talk about it over and over. You can’t properly restore a vehicle if you keep most of it bolted together. The pictures show that this vehicle received a lot of attention. The next and most important thing that I like is that it looks like the sheet metal was in pretty good condition before the restoration, and that more importantly, the sheet metal work that was done during the restoration (mostly quarter panels) was done correctly.

The things that were done well on this FJ45 far outnumber the mostly easily correctable faux pas that I mentioned above. This and the fact that it’s a rare left hand drive Troopy, makes me happy to offer it up for sale for the owner in Texas.   Even though it’s not perfect, the price is easily less than half of what it would cost to find a similar vehicle and have it restored properly.

Please take the time to read the notes from the owner below.

There is also a link to the Bring A Trailer auction here:

And a YouTube video here:


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1982 BJ45 Troop

1982 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ45 Troopy


This is an opportunity to own a rare fully restored 1982 BJ45 that has been painstakingly restored in Romania and completed restoration in Boise Idaho. All photos of the frame off restoration are available as well as an original jack, Toyota tool kit, and reproduction first aid kit. Since purchasing on BAT in November 2021, the current buyer has titled in Texas and completed the following adjustments at a local Land Cruiser shop:

  • Vibration in front end – center steering link rebuilt
  • Rear passenger axle seal replaced
  • Transfer case rear output seal/4wd shift seal replaced
  • Brake light switch adjusted
  • Rear main engine seal replaced
  • Small rust issue on passenger side near door so had the entire rear panel repainted.

This thing runs and drives like brand new and is a blast to drive. Get ready to turn heads and have people ask you to have their picture taken with this piece of living history. Seller has too many Land Cruisers and is selling to buy another FJ43 and continue loving and driving these historic works of art!

Vehicle located in Austin, Texas