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1986 HJ60 Hightop with Aftermarket Turbo

We are offering this HJ60 for a client from Colorado that lived and worked in New Zealand for a period of time. Being a Cruiser Head in a place like that is going to lead up a few Land Cruisers finding their way to the US in your suitcase when it’s time to come back stateside. I’ve done it myself! This HJ60 is a JDM truck. It was imported to New Zealand sometime before being acquired by its current owner. He imported it (and a BJ40 also for sale on our site) when he moved back to Colorado. Both Cruisers have Colorado titles.

This Land Cruiser is currently on site at PRLC. While the vehicle hasn’t gone through an inspection at the shop, I have personally driven it. The vehicle runs and drives well with the engine and transmission functioning properly. The Safari Turbo provides just the right feeling boost and I’d describe the Cruiser as quite peppy.

During my test drive, I noticed that the temperature guage wasn’t functioning. I also noticed some exhaust wrap over the exhaust manifold which I presume is covering a crack. This 60 has very minimal rust. The only significant rust I noticed is near the front of the driver side window. (pictured) I’ve also included pictures of all of the normally rusty areas on 60 series Land Cruisers, where this rig is extremely solid.

As always, this vehicle is available for an inspection during business hours at Proffitt’s Resurrection Land Cruisers. Interested buyers can also request an inspection by our technicians.

Asking $32,000

Contact me, Jeremiah, at the shop with any questions.

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RHD 1985 HJ60


  • Unrestored with original paint
  • 224125 kilometers
  • 24V
  • JDM spec high roof
  • 2H diesel with aftermarket turbo
  • Automatic transmission with overdrive
  • Power windows and locks
  • Power sunroof
  • PTO on transfer case (missing winch and driveshaft)
  • 3 point front and rear seat belts
  • Very solid frame
  • Minimal rust on body