1988 FJ62, A Western Colorado Native

1988 FJ62, A Western Colorado Native


This This 88 FJ62, located in Glenwood Springs Colorado, is being offered for sale by it’s owner. This rig was sold new in Gleenwood Springs CO, and spent its whole life in the area. Please contact Nate, nmt252@yahoo.com



* Originally sold at Big Horn Toyota in Glenwood Springs in 1988.  Has lived its whole life in the Roaring Fork Valley
* 1988 Fj62
* 234k miles
* Original 3FE engine
* Transmission replaced 3 or 4 years ago, after market HD tranny cooler,
* Aftermarket aux. engine fan with remote switch in the cab (re: pics)
* Headliner in great shape (but dirty thanks to my kids)
* Headlights are HID, both hi and low.  Low lights have a ballast issue right now that I cannot figure out.
* Runs good, but needs a tune-up
* ARB front bumper w/ 12k winch, Proffitt’s rear bumper, Proffitt’s sliders
* 38 Gal. long range Man-a-Fre fuel tank
* Front seats replaced approximately 2 years ago
* JVC after-market stereo and Sound Ordinance under-seat subwoofer
* LED light bar on roof and front bumper
* Full length Gamiviti roof rack
* OME heavy heavy rear leaf springs
* After market tires and wheels + matching 5th/spare
* ARB on board air compressor located in the car jack back pocket
* paint is fading on roof and front left quarter panel.  Typical “Land Cruiser” rust spots starting to show up.

* Clean title.

additional details:
– I installed shoulder belts for the rear seats.  The C-pillar was pre-drilled/tapped to receive shoulder belts.  This US model only came with lap belts…needed proper seat belts for growing kids.
–  reupholstered the back panels in the cargo area.
– truck bed liner on the tailgate.
– custom rear quarter panel LC emblems (zoom in, you’ll see)
– windshield is cracked.  We were going to wait until the snow stopped (and less gravel on the roads) before we replaced it.  Willing to replace before we sell it.
– The rust on the rear hatch and leading edge of the hood is surficial.
– rust on the bottom rear of driver’s side back door is sub-surface/full depth.
– rust in both rear wheel wells is sub-surface to varying degrees.  I have coated the lower trim and rear wheel wells of the truck a couple times over the years with undercarriage/bed liner to slow down Father-time.  It has helped, but not completely arrested the oxidation process.
– The hole at the bottom front of the passenger door has been there since I purchased the truck in 2011.  I think it was gouged/punctured with something prior to me owning it.