FJ40 for Sale
$ 50,000

Vehicle Details

Price$ 50,000

Vehicle Description

This 1977 FJ40 was purchased by it’s owner and shipped to Proffitt’s Resurrection Land Cruisers for inspection and repair of a select number of items. In addition to a long list of mechanical repairs, we ended up performing a restoration to the tub of the FJ40 to eliminate the rust, (which was minor) and refinishing the tub, doors, front fenders, and hood with the idea of keeping the Land Cruiser’s “survivor” look. We sprayed the interior of the tub in matching color Vortex commercial spray liner, and reupholstered the OEM seats and also reupholstered a folding forward facing rear passenger seat. The client added our 6 point family roll cage and bikini top, plus a matching tailgate panel for summer mode. PRLC also remounted and “dehoked” the previously added Saginaw power steering, and lifted the 40 with an OME 2.5” lift and Bilstein shocks. All of these items and a full list of repairs, parts, and other additions is provided in the for sale ad.

This FJ40 is ready to go into service now as your daily driven classic Land Cruiser. However, as our partial restoration of the FJ40 is very recent, it is also an excellent candidate to send back to Proffitt’s Resurrection Land Cruisers for the completion of it’s restoration if the new owner desires. This FJ40 has an engine that runs well, but smokes slightly when it’s cold. While not a serious problem that will effect drivability or reliability, it remains as the vehicle’s only real issue. The lack of the OEM pollution components and the minor smoking issue may prevent some potential buyers from registering the Land Cruiser in a state that requires a vehicle to pass smog requirements.