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Land Cruiser Parts

If you’ve ever called looking for a part for your Land Cruiser, you’ve most likely heard from someone here that we don’t sell parts. Historically, we haven’t been able to handle parts sales because of all of the time it takes to pull, process, and ship them. We’ve always been just too busy!

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This is something I’d like to change though. Over the years, we’ve acquired many FJ40s, FJ60s, FJ62s, FJ45s, FJ55s, FJ80s and even a few 100s. We have used parts…a lot of them.  Some are parts that we have to keep around so that we can sustain our restoration operations for years to come, but some we have more than enough of. Those parts really need to be made available to other Land Cruiser enthusiasts so that they can keep their beloved cruisers on the road.

For this reason, we are starting to offer a few limited used  parts in what we are calling PRLC Parts Corner. It’s an on line store, on our web site. We will be listing a few parts here and there on that format. At first, the parts will be a random smattering of things that just were spotted laying around and deemed saleworthy. Feel free to request a part if you don’t see it on the store, but also please be patient. We are a restoration shop first and foremost. A new hire is allowing us to make some parts available, but we still have limited capacity.

Unfortunately we still won’t be able to offer most of our in house fabrications like suspensions and bumpers for now. We are working on it though.

If you are interested, check out the parts corner in the “store” section of our website. Check back often, as we will be adding new parts every day. And as always, your feedback is appreciated.