The Restoration Process

Here is the process for getting a rig into the shop for work.

First - Send Pictures

Please send pictures of the vehicle inside, underneath, and outside. Please be sure to include one of the engine compartment. Also, include pictures of any areas of concern, modifications, or details that you have specific questions about. (for less than full restoration work, engine conversions, etc., we don’t need all of the pictures, but still send at least a pic or two of the areas where we will be working)  If you can, please express the nature of the work you’d like done as well. You don’t have to be too specific here unless you know exactly what you want. We are happy to guide our clients through the restoration process.

Second - Phone conversation

We will review the pictures and call you to draft up a build sheet. This document identifies the scope of the work we will do, and includes all of the items on the menu that you can select for the project. The call takes about 20 minutes.

Third - Build Sheet & Docs

From the Build Sheet, we will generate and estimate of the time and materials required to complete the build. We track every minute of time and penny of materials on our projects. That information is used to bill our clients, and also to refine future estimates. Once we’re finished, you will receive the Build Sheet, Estimate, Notes, and a Service Agreement. The Service Agreement includes details about billing, payment, and our warranty.

What is the Cost?

The cost of our restorations can fall within a broad range. There are several reasons for this.  The condition of the builder always varies, and there are nearly countless options and modifications that we perform.  A Stage 2 restoration is at the low end and can start at around $75,000, and at the other end of the range, some Stage 3 restorations can exceed $200,000.

How long does it take?

We currently have 2 different project schedules depending on your desired outcome.  All restorations regardless of level are considered Long-Term projects.  Upon receipt of the initial deposit your project will be moved into the respective queue.

Short-Term Projects (under a month of work)

  • 10-12 months to start work
Long-Term Projects (greater than a month of work)
  • 14-16 months to start work
  • 2-6 months to completion (pending scope of build)