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Let's Get Started

Here is the process for getting a rig into the shop for work.

Thank you for your interest in having a project done by the team at Proffitt’s Resurrection Land Cruisers. At PRLC, we love building Toyota Land Cruisers, and we love the relationships we build even more. While we would love to be able to accept every project request we get, our capacity and schedule are limited, and even though we regret doing so, we have to be selective in the projects we take on. There are several things to consider at the beginning of this process.  First, we are going to enter a relationship with each other that will likely last a long time. We need to be able to work together well. Then, short term or long term, each project that we work on must be consistent with our reputation / brand when it leaves. Then, there are budgetary qualifications. Work performed at our level takes time, and even though we strive to be “the custodians of our clients’ pocketbooks,” most projects with us are not inexpensive.
Before we proceed further, let’s answer the two most common questions we get from people interested in our services.

What is the Cost?

The cost of our restorations can fall within a broad range. There are several reasons for this.  The condition of the builder always varies, and there are nearly countless options and modifications that we perform.  A Stage 2 restoration is at the low end and can start at around $75,000, and at the other end of the range, some Stage 3 restorations and custom restomods can exceed $300,000. For short term projects, our shop rates vary from $76/hr to $110/hr.

How Long Does it Take?

We currently have 2 different project schedules depending on your desired outcome.  All restorations regardless of level are considered Long-Term projects.  Upon receipt of the initial deposit your project will be moved into the respective queue.

Short-Term Projects (not a restoration)
  • 10-12 months to start work
Long-Term Projects (restoration)
  • 14-16 months to start work
  • 2-24 months to completion (pending scope of build)
If you think we are a good fit for each other, we’d love to hear about your project. Below is how we get started. *If you don’t have a vehicle to start with, we can assist you in finding one. Just go ahead and start the process below without pictures.

First - What's Your Idea?

What’s your idea? We love to work with our clients to design and build the vehicle of their dreams. We can work within our extensive list of commonly done modifications, or we can go outside the box with a completely custom design. Let us know what you’re thinking.

Second - Send Pictures

If you have a vehicle to start with, please send pictures of the vehicle inside, underneath, and outside. Please be sure to include one of the engine compartment. Also, include pictures of any areas of concern, modifications, or details that you have specific questions about. (for less than full restoration work, engine conversions, etc., we don’t need all of the pictures, but still send at least a pic or two of the areas where we will be working)

Third - Project Review

Our team will review the project and let you know if it’s something we can take on, and when. We will also try to provide you with a range of budgetary numbers at this time. If we decide to proceed further with the process during this conversation, we will begin the build sheet process. The build sheet sets the scope of the project and identifies the preliminary modifications / features that the project will have.

Fourth - Build Sheet & Docs

From the Build Sheet, we will generate and estimate of the time and materials required to complete the build. We track every minute of time and penny of materials on our projects. That information is used to bill our clients, and also to refine future estimates. Once we’re finished, you will receive the Build Sheet, Estimate, Notes, and a Service Agreement. The Service Agreement includes details about billing, payment, and our warranty. Important! Estimates are just that, estimates. They always vary from actual costs. Please read about your estimate here

Ready to Get Started?

Let’s get started with some basic contact information and comment information about your vehicle.

Please submit pictures to Note: google drive photos do not work.