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All the vehicles for sale on our site are for sale by separate parties, All of the Land Cruisers / Toyotas on this site have been reviewed by the staff at Proffitt’s Resurrection Land Cruisers and are certified “Proffitt’s Approved” for sale on our site. Proffitt’s Approved doesn’t imply any warranty for the vehicle’s cosmetic or mechanical condition. It also does not guarantee the value of the vehicle. However, we take Land Cruisers very seriously and believe that everybody deserves a fair value when buying one. Therefore, we will not allow vehicles to be advertised that don’t meet our requirements for value. That doesn’t mean that you can’t buy/sell a $1000 beater on this site, it just means that you can’t ask, $10,000 for it. As an additional service for buyers and sellers, our consultation on vehicles for sale on this site is always available, free of charge.

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