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Proffitt’s Resurrection Land Cruisers is an all-under-one-roof restoration and custom shop in Western Colorado. We specialize in Toyota Land Cruisers and provide professional custom and OEM restoration services.

1982 Signature FJ40


Restorations and Custom Restorations are what put Proffitt’s Cruisers on the map, and the quality of our Toyota Land Cruiser builds sets us apart from any other shop in the business. Each member of our team of professionals is an expert in his or her field. That, combined with very high expectations for quality and durability, make our projects special. I invite you to come visit the shop and see first hand why our Land Cruisers are the best in the business. We do from minor, to full frame up restorations.  Every restoration is different and often has custom components, but in general, we offer 3 different stages as described below.

Stage 3 - Vehicle Restoration

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Also known as a body off restoration, a Stage 3 Restoration is one in which the Land Cruiser is disassembled virtually down to the smallest component. Each component is hand refinished, rebuilt or restored. The bare frame is sandblasted and powder coated as are many of the parts that bolt to the frame. Chassis components are disassembled and rebuilt to the customers specifications. Major drive train components, such as the engine and transmission can be rebuilt and retained or swapped out for more modern choices at this time. After rebuilding/refinishing is complete, the Land Cruiser is meticulously reassembled using new or high quality refinished fasteners and all OEM restoration components. Stage 3 Restorations are available in all stock form or with a large menu of custom options.

Stage 2 - Vehicle Restoration

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A Stage 2 Restoration is not as extensive as a Stage 3. While most of the body components are removed and disassembled, the body tub itself is never removed from the frame. For this reason, the frame cannot be completely refinished nor can the underside of the body. All components that have been removed are completely refinished and the same menu of modifications is available upon reassembly.

Stage 1 - Vehicle Restoration

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By far the least preformed restoration at Proffitt’s Resurrection Land Cruisers is a Stage 1 Restoration. A Stage 1 Restoration is not much more than an exterior refinish. Most Toyota Land Cruisers have damage or rust that is extensive enough so that they do not qualify for this type of restoration.

Restoration Custom Options

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We can do just about anything you desire.  Give us a call to discuss further customizations.

1988 FJ62

Self-Reliant Land Cruiser Adventure Travel

Over-landing is becoming increasingly popular and there is no vehicle more suited to overland travel than a properly built Toyota Land Cruiser. At Proffitt’s Resurrection Land Cruisers we have extensive experience both outfitting vehicles for expedition use as well as using those vehicles for worldwide overland travel. Our expedition Land Cruisers have explored all 7 continents reaching destinations most will only see in photographs.

SEMA 2017 Bilstein

Best performing, sickest rigs on the Trail

Proffitt’s Cruisers can modify your Land Cruiser into one of the most eye catching, best performing, sickest rigs on the trail.
We offer innovative, proven suspension systems that will deliver the flex that you want, and rock solid drive-trains that will minimize breaking, and maximize fun.
From the most basic off road machine, to a full blown, rock monster, Proffitt’s Cruisers has done it, and we can do it for you.