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1973 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser

Looking for a project? This FJ40 is like Freddie Mercury, It needs somebody to love. I bought it as a potential builder, as I do many Land Cruisers. It’s got its issues, but way too much potential to be parted out.

Here’s what I like, in no particular order. 1973 was the first year for bucket seats in the FJ40. They were a HUGE improvement from the bench seats from previous years where the driver wasn’t even aligned with the steering wheel. Not only does it have them, they are capped with the coveted early headrest, which I’ve only seen a couple times in person. I know this sounds fictitious, but I could sell just the seats and headrests from this rig for $3000 or  more. They are that in demand. 1973 didn’t have disc brakes yet, but they did have power brakes, and a dual circuit brake master cylinder, so adding front discs is easy. Then, there’s the doors and hood. It’s getting really hard to find early FJ40s that have a solid one piece hood, and solid doors. This one has them. (The rear doors are trashed. but there’s a really good set in the back that are included with the 40) The top and topsides are in good nick too. There’s a unique winch on the rig, a Sidewinder. The Sidewinder winch has a horizontal spool with a vertical hawse type fairlead. I’ve only seen a couple of them, and they are a collector’s item. Lastly, this 40 has something that always makes me giddy when I find one, the original trouble light tucked inside the glove box.

What’s a bummer is that the tub itself is a little more rusted out than usual. It’s got all of the typical rust on the rear sill (already poorly swapped out and needing replaced) as well as the quarter panel corners and rocker panels, but it’s also got rust all of the way down the wheel tops where they meet the quarter panels. Lot’s of times this part is solid. Don’t get me wrong, all of this rust is fixable and the 40 DOES NOT NEED a whole tub. It’s just maybe 20-30 hours more metal work than a better than average one. The other fairly major bummer is the installation of the SBC engine that someone did. It does look like a fairly fresh engine. We haven’t tried starting it, but I imagine that it would run and drive with a couple hours of tinkering.

The price for this FJ40 is $6500. That’s crazy fair so it’s firm. Also, there is a clean Colorado title in the dealerships name.

Please call or email the shop with questions or to arrange a visit!

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