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1977 FJ45 Pickup (Middle East Spec)

This fairly unmolested FJ45 pickup is a great start to a restoration or build. It’s got its issues, but is in far better shape than most FJ45s out there. It still has its original 2F and 4 speed, which runs but needs a little attention because it’s been sitting awhile. The bed is a new reproduction bed with no rust or damage. The cab does have rust, poorly repaired at some point, but still very minor compared to most 45s. All in all, it’s a great example of a later FJ45. This truck shouldn’t last long at the price the owner is asking.

The truck is located at PRLC and is available for inspection during business hours.  The contents of the bed DO NOT come with the truck.

More pictures on the way.

Asking $29,000.

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