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1988 FJ62 Land Cruiser. “The Diamond Back”

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The Context…”The Diamond Back” as she is affectionally named is a Land Cruiser with an identity crisis. Matching her up against a Cummins Restomod in episode 54 of Proffitt’s Resurrection Land Cruisers TV, has us contemplating  just what should happen to rigs like this. Here’s the problem. The Land Cruiser community needs parts vehicles, but It’s getting harder and harder to take a Land Cruiser off the road to dedicate it to parts. The Diamond Back isn’t a great restoration candidate. It’s got dents on almost every panel. And It’s got rust (although not that bad as many) The issue is it’s complete, relatively unaltered, and runs and drives great. It can’t be parted out, and would cost more than some to restore. Hence the identity crisis. Maybe she is right for you?

I’ve included lots of pictures. You should never buy a 60 series on line without this same battery of pictures, plus more probably. As you can see the Diamond Back’s frame is SOLID. It’s actually one of the best I’ve seen in awhile.  When you are looking at a 60 series frame, pay special attention to the inside of the frame near the front of the rear spring hangers. Also look a the frame carefully on either side of the gas tank. Also, look carefully at the a pillars just beside the windshield. It’s common for them to rust. The bottoms of the doors are a good indicator of rust too. This 62 is dented…but the rust isn’t bad at all. The diamond back is also in pretty good shape mechanically. It runs a drives, and has always been reliable for me. I drive it occasionally to work and back, a 140 mile round trip commute.

Possibilities for this FJ62 include a restoration. Although it will probably be more costly than finding a nicer one. (depending on whether or not you can find one for a reasonable price) It would also be a pretty good town or mountain car if you just want one to bomb around in. BUT…As I said in episode 54…YOU CAN NOT take parts off this rig. It has to stay on the road.

I’m always happy to visit about this or any Land Cruiser. $6,000

Jeremiah Proffitt