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One Owner 1994 FZJ80

Up on consignment is this FZJ80 for sale by its original owners. Their description is below. This appears to have been a sell taken care of example, and with only 180K on the clock, it’s got a lot of life left!

This 80 is located on the front range of Colorado. Inquires can be made through the shop.

asking price is $18,500

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1994 Toyota FZJ80 Land Cruiser for sale by original owners
180,000 miles
Great vehicle for exploring trailheads and dirt roads! Maintenance has been
focused on safety and reliability so that we did not get stranded at trailheads 20
miles from help. It still drives well up into the high country, over snow and along
rough dirt roads.
4.5 liter 1FZ-FE Inline 6 Engine
25 gallon gas tank
Four-speed Automatic Transmission with an Overdrive Switch and an ECT
button for choosing powerful acceleration as needed.
Four-wheel drive control lever that allows a switch from the high range, with the
center differential unlocked to the low range with the center differential locked
Sun roof!
Removable rack and rocketbox included with the vehicle.
New windshield 2023
Front and rear brake pads and rotors removed and replaced 2022
New axle and trunions in 2021
Exhaust system work by Boulder Muffler 2018
Alternator replaced 2018
New radiator 2016
New drive shaft 2015
New starter 2008

Four Cooper Discoverer ATP Tires bought in 2016 and driven for 36,000 miles.
This week, we replaced 1 tire that was spiked by a nail with a comparable new
tire. All four tires are covered by tire insurance from Discount Tires.
Original cloth upholstery, clean and undamaged on front and middle seats,
somewhat damaged on the bottom of the folding seats in back.
Heating and air-conditioning system work.
Small rust spot above rear bumper.
Driver’s mirror still adjustable but loose and needs replacement.
Needs a new antenna.
Replacement left front fender panel slightly loose (a landscaper hit our parked
vehicle in 2022). Work done by Rallye Coach Works Denver.
Automatic lock system unlocks all doors from driver’s door but not from front
passenger door.
Radio and cassette player work, CD player is non-functional.