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Restoration Options for a 40 series Land Cruisers

PRLC only offers full, Stage 3 restorations for the 40 series Land Cruiser. We’ve eliminated lower levels of restoration for the model for a few reasons, but the biggest is that it’s just not possible to restore a 40 series Land Cruiser properly without full disassembly.

A stage 3 restoration is a complete restoration of every one of the vehicles components and sub-components. The Cruiser is completely disassembled. The frame and all related suspension and body components are sandblasted and powder coated. The axles and other mechanical components are also disassembled, rebuilt, and cosmetically restored. Every fastener, bolt, clip, clamp, and spring is refinished or renewed.   The body and all body components are sand blasted and properly repaired before going through our body and paint process.  This is an extremely detailed process, usually taking over a thousand hours, which results virtually in a brand new/rebuilt vehicle. This type of restoration is almost always coupled with one or more of our common custom modifications. The base price for a stage 3 restoration is around $90,000 and builds of this nature often exceed $175,000 with custom features added.