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1960 FJ25 Blank Slate

What is a “Blank Slate”? To put it simply, it’s inspiration for something special.   A Toyota that is rare enough to set it aside from the rest of what’s out there. We are offering a few special vehicles in this new category, but with the condition that the vehicles go through the build process here at PRLC. We want to build them…otherwise they wouldn’t even be for sale. The sky is the limit with these vehicles, and using your vision, or ours, or a combination of both, you can work with us to create your own uniquely inspired custom Land Cruiser, out of a blank slate!


The FJ25, predecessor to the FJ40, holds a special place in Toyota Land Cruiser history. It was this model, released in the mid 1950s, that set Toyota apart in its quest to build rugged and dependable off-road vehicles. The legacy continued with the 40 series through the mid 80s, and it continues today.

The FJ25 shares a lot of its looks with the FJ40, but has several unique body features that really set it apart. The most noticeable is the front bib, which features separate chrome headlight bezels, and a 3 bar chrome grille. There are also the T shaped hood ornament, unique air intake, rounded rear wheel well opening, and more.  Mechanically, the 25 is set up with an early F inline 6 cylinder engine, and surprisingly, a 4 speed transmission and 1 speed transferase with no low range. The rear differential is also curiously “centered” causing a unique rear driveline angle.

This FJ25 is the straightest and most rust free example I’ve ever seen. Other than the small spots of primer, it’s all original paint. It’s relatively complete and a good candidate for a restoration or restomod.

It’s being offered as a “blank slate” project, and is only available for sale for an in house project at PRLC.

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