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1971 FJ40 nicknamed Cyclops


I nicknamed this 1971 FJ40 “Cyclops” because of the headlight (functioning as a reverse light) mounted in an OEM hubcap on the spare tire. Except for a little too much tampering by one of the previous owners, Cyclops is an excellent start to a project or restoration.

This FJ40 is SOLID. It’s got very little rust (legitimately) and is very straight. The doors are awesome, probably the best I’ve seen. The biggest bummer about the body is the top. It’s a little beat up, and it’s been vandalized by someone installing not one but two sunroofs. The rain gutter is beat up enough where the right fix is a new one, and a new fiberglass roof to match. The other body bummer is the dash. It has been set up to resemble a cockpit, most likely by the sunroof installer. This is one of my pet peeves, and an upcoming STOP IT! FJ40s are not airplanes! I could mention the wheels as a stop it too, but that’s easy enough to change.

This FJ40 has been sitting for a few years. We spent couple of hours on it and got it running again, but of course it’s going to take some work to make it driver. We stopped because while it’s nice to say it’s running, the new owner might want to modernize it some, so any work to the existing drivetrain might be for nothing.

I’d really like to restore this Land Cruiser, so I’m offering a $2000 discount on the price if we build it for the new owner. (There is a process for this, and of course, a waiting list)  The price listed on this page is the price if the buyer takes it. A quick look around at what’s available for this price right now puts this FJ40 up top in terms of condition and value.



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  • 1971 FJ40
  • 106053 mile
  • Body in excellent condition
  • 1F / 3 spd
  • 4 wheel disc brakes (after market)
  • OME 2.5″ lift
  • FJ60 power steering conversion
  • winch