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1976 FJ40

We are offering for sale this FJ40, owned by a local customer from almost 20 years ago. It was a father/son build with some of the work being done by the owners and some of the work being done by Proffitt’s. The owner that we did work for sold the vehicle to the current owner six or seven years ago. It appears as if the Land Cruiser sat for most of that time. This is sort of a dated project for us and there are a few things on it that we wouldn’t dream of doing today. The seats and aluminum wheels being the first to jump out at me. Luckily though, even back then we were interested in preserving as much Toyota DNA as possible and we swapped in a 3FE instead of a V8 (phew!). If memory serves, this Land Cruiser was in and out of the shop over a four or five year period as the owner continued to add improvements or driving off road. This Land Cruiser is at the shop and can be inspected further by a potential buyer at any time. $36,900

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1976 FJ40

3FE fuel injected engine
4 speed transmission
Dual transfer cases (rock box and LC 4 spd case)
ARB locking differentials
2.5” lift
Saginaw power steering

This Land Cruiser has been sitting and as it currently runs and drives fine, we would expect issues to pop up as it gets entered back into service. We have tried our best to take pictures of the flaws of the Land Cruiser and highlight areas where corrections will need to be made. We do believe this is an excellent start to a DIY project or even a restoration candidate for an in-house build.

For more information feel free to call the shop. 970 596 7363