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1985 FJ60

Parts vehicle or keep it on the road? Too many Land Cruisers have been parted out. With each FJ40 or FJ60 that gets dismantled for parts, the vehicle we love gets rarer and rarer, and the price for the remaining ones keeps going higher. Just a decade ago, we would have scrapped this FJ60 for the parts it offers our earlier FJ40 restorations. I regret doing that. I’d like to see this FJ60 go to a good home, and I’ll include a $500 credit with the sale towards used parts that we have in stock for the buyer who wants to spruce it up a little.

Price is $5700. Call if interested!


This FJ60 has lots of life left to offer someone. Spending its life so far as a tour vehicle in the San Juan Mountains, this local CO truck is ready to begin its next adventure.



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1985 FJ60

This FJ60 is what it is, a relatively beat up mountain tour vehicle with typical rust and a well used interior. It also has a homemade convertible top. What it offers is an all stock, solid mechanical platform that makes it reliable and still fun to drive. It even started right up after sitting all winter after just a few pumps.  The frame has the standard rust adjacent to the spare tire on both sides, but not the frame killing rust that sometimes forms around the spring hangers. 239,000 miles

This would be a fun mountain town rig or ranch vehicle. It’s roadworthy and can be driven away by its new owner.