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1985 Survivor FJ60

At PRLC, we’ve always had a list of individuals looking for Land Cruisers and also a list of individuals with Land Cruisers to sell. This is why we went ahead and became a licensed automotive dealer last year, to help put buyers and sellers together! The result of these lists is that lots of times, we are able to find a buyer for a prospective seller before we even get to list the vehicle on the site. That’s the case with this sweet 1985 Survivor FJ60. We had it sold the day we learned about it. SO…Why list it? Well, to document the sale for one. It’s important to be able to track the market so we can see what these iconic vehicles are going for. (and I mean the typical market, not on auction websites were people sometimes pay too much) And, we want to post it for bragging rights, we are helping to sell a lot of Land Cruisers, and we are proud of it!

This FJ60 is a true survivor in great condition, and even though it’s not available, we hope you enjoy the pictures.

Fun fact, this FJ60 was once owned by Rutledge Wood and is also documented on his youtube page here


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