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All Original One Of A Kind 1983 FJ40 LX

OK, I’ll admit to being a little obsessed with this one. It’s got so much going on that’s interesting to hard core Toyota enthusiasts like me. First of all, It’s a rare LX model, imported from Saudi a long time ago. The LX models were unique to Japan, Australia, and the Middle East. They were the “deluxe” FJ (and BJ) 40s and they had features that we never got here in the states. There’s different windows and window weatherstripping, chrome accents, interior options that were rare or even completely custom from Toyota, different color options, and more. If you are an FJ40 enthusiast and are familiar with the US model, look these pictures over and you will find surprise after surprise. They are just plain cool. On top of all that, this one has survived all these years without modification, and it’s in GREAT SHAPE! It’s virtually all original with very little rust, and it runs and drives very well.

There’s an interesting story too. As far as I understand, it was part of a custom order of Land Cruisers placed by members of the Gulf Cooperation Council in Saudi Arabia in 1983. Most of the rigs obviously went to Saudi elites, but this one was different. There was an American pilot who flew for the organization, and he got in on the order. He was a Colorado native, and placed the Colorado bumper stickers on the rig when it was new. How cool is that?!

This one shouldn’t last long and my 4 year old son and I are so infatuated with it, I can’t believe I’m even willing to pass it on.  If you are interested, you might want to act quickly.

The price is $29,500. Inquire by calling or emailing Proffitt Resurrection Land Cruisers.

970 596 7363.

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More details to come.