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Toybota! Matching 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Epic 22 Ski Boat

Did you know that Toyota made boats? They did! From 1999-2001, Toyota made premium ski boats right here in the United States. The program was very successful, but a couple of unfortunate circumstances led to the shutdown of the program in 2001.  Truly a bummer for water sports lovers like me. Read more about the Epic 22 here.

I thought I’d never sell my beloved duo of my 1999 Toyota Epic 22 and 1999 100 series Land Cruiser, but here I am. I found a newer Toyota boat and bought it, and I can’t have 2. This is  a unique opportunity to buy something you will probably never see again. $35,000

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1999 Toyota Land Cruiser and 1999 Toyota Epic 22 boat, motor, and trailer.

Details and more pictures to come soon.

Call the shop if interested. Serious inquiries only please.