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The Banana, a 1980 JDM BJ41

Have you ever bought something and then thought “Why on earth did I do that?” Well, that’s where I’m at right now with The Banana, and you can be there too!

The Banana came to us for some insurance work, but circumstances led up to the work not being done, and us buying the cruiser. All joking aside, The Banana does have a lot to offer the right buyer, and it’s priced right too.

This BJ41 was involved in a rear end collision, and the frame and rear sill are bent. This is relatively easily fixed, as the frame channels are available aftermarket, as are the rear sills. The problem is that this work, done correctly, is going to be expensive enough to where it’s going to exceed the value of the Land Cruiser. Why? Well, because it turns out that bananas can rust.

This diesel Land Cruiser is rusty. In fact, despite the fact that it actually looks decent from afar, the body is actually so rusted that there aren’t many useable panels left on it. The wheel wells are homemade, as is the bib. Add to that the bizarre bonding of the top to the body, and it’s almost a hopeless case.

BUT! As is so often the case with Toyotas, the Banana is mechanically in great condition. It’s very reliable, and recently completed a cross country trip. The frame is solid too, so there’s actually a lot of potential. The Banana could be the base for a body swap / restoration. It also might be a great donor to a different build. It’s got a B series diesel, 4 spd trans, and disc brakes in the front. It even has a great set of 79 and later seats, (which I’ve been begrudginly paying more than $1200 for…for ruined ones even!)

It’s also got charm, and could be used as is for someone wanting to develop a name for themselves in their town as “a character”

I actually really love this rig. It’s had a rich history and several really cool owners. The latest of which served our country in Japan, and I thank him for that.

Asking price for the Banana is $7800. Call the shop if you are interested!

Now, a quick “STOP IT” rant.  This Land Cruiser actually does look pretty good from a distance, so It’s the kind of cruiser that so so many unscruplous. misleading, dishonest, Land Cruiser and Classic Car resellers misrepresent every day on the internet. If you are one of them (and you know who you are) go jump off of a building. Or, start representing what you are selling with integrity. Either way, STOP IT with the misleading uneducated buyers into buying your crap. It’s OK to sell something like the Banana, just price it fairly, and be honest about it!



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