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While we still offer our custom suspensions for in house projects, we no longer offer suspension kits.

The reason for this is suspensions are rarely a stand-alone part of a vehicle build. They encompass many other vehicle systems, such as steering, brakes, lockers, axles, shock mounts, and often even custom body modifications. Because of this, we found it very difficult to manufacture a kit that was universal enough to justify mass manufacturing of its components. We still offer our custom suspensions on in house builds where we can design all the vehicles’ systems to integrate with the suspension.

We fabricate and install the following suspension systems for your Cruiser.

Spring Over Suspension

Spring Over Axle (SOA)

One of the most popular ways to lift a leaf sprung Land Cruiser high enough to clear 35 inch or bigger tires is with a Sring Over Axle lift, or SOA.


Spring Under Axle (SUA)

SUA or Spring Under Axle suspension lifts are a great way to get your Land Cruiser lifted a couple of inches to clear 33 tires.


Custom Link Suspensions

Proffitt’s offers multiple Linked Suspension options for Land Cruisers. Explore 3-link, 4-link and 5-link suspensions.