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Spring Over Axle (SOA)

SOA lifts for 40, 60 and 70 series Toyota Land Cruisers

Spring Over Axle Land Cruiser Suspension To properly perform a SOA conversion, the axle housing is stripped, verified straight, and essentially rebuilt for the new suspension.

One of the most popular ways to lift a leaf sprung Land Cruiser high enough to clear 35 inch or bigger tires is with a Spring Over Axle lift, or SOA. It places the axles under the springs and provides about 5.5 inches of lift. This is enough lift to clear 35 inch tires without trimming your wheel wells and even larger tires with trimming.

Land Cruisers with a properly done Spring Over conversion drive exceptionally well at high speeds and are far more comfortable and capable off road than rigs with overly arched sprung under springs.