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More FJ40 Restorations!

1982 FJ40

Check out 2 of our latest builds!

1982 FJ40 Built in Dads Honor

1971 R2.8 Cummins Stage 3 Restoration

4 thoughts on “More FJ40 Restorations!”

  1. Hi
    I just picked up a 69 Fj40
    It has no motor but three speed trans and tcase
    It also came with what I believe is a 4 speed as it’s much larger says n52 on the side
    Just some general ? S
    I plan on keeping it mostly original and stock but with some upgrades like:

    good running used F2, I6 engine
    Disc brakes
    Power steering
    And would like to stretch wheelbase 3” in front by rotating front springs 180
    ? What happens to steering
    This rig is set up for v8 and has jeep box w steering shaft coming thru bottom of grill

    What’s best way to move rear axle back
    I hear fj 55 leaves but they are rare
    Which fj-60 s will do it?

    Also looking for front bench seat rear jump seats maybe hard top but leaning towards soft top

    Thx Brian

  2. Hi do u have engine mount kits for putting a sbc V8 engine into the 1976 fj40 and do ur engines sit off center in the chassis ?

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