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1967 Toyota Stout Pickup

What is a “Blank Slate”? To put it simply, it’s inspiration for something special.   A Toyota that is rare enough to set it aside from the rest of what’s out there. We are offering a few special vehicles in this new category, but with the condition that the vehicles go through the build process here at PRLC. We want to build them…otherwise they wouldn’t even be for sale. The sky is the limit with these vehicles, and using your vision, or ours, or a combination of both, you can work with us to create your own uniquely inspired custom Land Cruiser, out of a blank slate!


The Toyota Stout pickup was one of the first pickups Toyota ever exported to the US. You might think of it as the great great great great  grandfather of the Tacoma! They were  no less durable back then, with a tougher than nails reputation. Stouts were used all over the world, but their production for the US markets ended in 1968. This absolutely gorgeous patina Stout pickup has so many possibilities. Want to talk about them?

It’s being offered as a “blank slate” project, and is only available for sale for an in house project at PRLC.

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