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1977 FJ40 Nickname “Grusty” (Green and Rusty)


Grusty the FJ40 is a testament to just how durable (mechanically) Toyota Land Cruisers are. Bought to be a potential parts 40, I quickly discovered that this rig needs to stay on the road. Even though it’s completely rusted out, it still runs and drives like a champ! It’s got all of its original Toyota DNA (except for the white spokes) and, well A LOT of character.

Grusty is actually a decent candidate for a build using an aftermarket 3/4 tub like from Aqualu or CCOT (maybe even Sophia Lee if you are curious about her parts)

This FJ40s body is really really rusty, but the cowling, the base for any restoration with an aftermarket body tub, is actually pretty good. It’s got the standard rust around the a pillar floor (mostly on the driver side) that lots of them have, but it’s fixable. The frame is also surprisingly very solid, even better than some with better bodies. The rear frame channel is going to need to be replaced, but not because of rust, just that it was hit or backed into something at some point. On top of that, its a running / driving later FJ40 with a 2F, 4spd, disc brakes, bucket seats, and all of the other things that made later 70s 40s so desirable. With exception of the hood, all of the other body parts on this FJ40 are probably not useable (unless you are very ambitions).

Grusty has a clean title and is ready to go to his new home. Call or email the shop for details.



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