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1982 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

Late model FJ40s like this one are getting hard to find, and I believe this one is a great restoration candidate. As usual, my policy is to be 100 percent honest about the Land Cruisers we sell, so here goes! This particular one is a little confusing to me. It’s got rust, but not terrible rust, and not in the usual places. The exterior has been resprayed at some point (and there is peeling clear coat), but I can tell that there was very little to no rust or body damage back when the refinish was done. Currently, the worst rust is the rain gutter between the top fiberglass cap and the top sides. The gutter looks bad, and normally if the rain gutter is this rusty, the rest of the rig is really bad, but that is NOT the case with this one. This rain gutter is available aftermarket. There is also rust on the driver side rear quarter panel. The cause of this rust is easily identified as the previously mentioned rain gutter, as evidence of water leaking down and pooling on the rear quarter panel pinch weld is present. There is also a little rust on the passenger side cowl to body panel seam, and the hood. What’s interesting is that some of the most commonly rusted areas, such as the driver and passenger side floor panels, the wheel wells in the back, the bottoms of the doors, and the rear sill are still solid.

All in all, this is an FJ40 that I think is an honest truck, and isn’t hiding tons of unknown damage. I have personally driven the vehicle, and although a mechanical inspection hasn’t yet been performed, I was happy with the way it ran and drove. I’ve seen several FJ40s sell on the internet lately for around this price that weren’t any where near the quality of this one.

This FJ40 is located at Proffitt’s Resurrection Land Cruisers, and any questions should be directed to me personally by calling or emailing the shop.

Price is set at $49,000


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1982 FJ40
100200 miles
2.5″ lift
Saginaw power steering
Method wheels