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Custom Toyota FJ40 Restorations

Every. Single. Part. Restored

Proffitt’s Resurrection Land Cruisers offers the world’s finest restorations for FJ40s and FJ45s. We honor these iconic vehicles by performing tasteful modifications while keeping  the authentic Toyota look and feel  of the series inside and out. We believe our restorations are second to none, and invite you to peruse the full gallery of our work at the bottom of this page. 

A stage 3 restoration is a complete restoration of every one of the vehicles components and sub-components. After select modifications are made, the Cruiser is completely disassembled. The frame and all related suspension and body components are sandblasted and powder coated. The axles and other mechanical components are also disassembled, rebuilt, and cosmetically restored. Every fastener, bolt, clip, clamp, and spring is refinished or renewed.   The body and all body components are sand blasted and properly repaired before going through our body and paint process.  This is an extremely detailed process, usually taking over 1500 hours, which results virtually in a brand new/rebuilt vehicle. This type of restoration is almost always coupled with one or more of our common custom modifications. The base price for a stage 3 restoration is around $100,000 and builds of this nature often exceed $200,000 with custom features added.

PRLC only offers full, Stage 3 (body off) restorations for the 40 series Land Cruiser. We’ve eliminated lower levels of restoration for the model for a few reasons, but the biggest is that it’s just not possible to restore a 40 series Land Cruiser properly without full disassembly.

FJ40 Restoration Timeline

We strive for perfection on every single one of our builds and are world-renown for restorations. Here are our typical turn times on restorations:

  • 14-16 months to start work
  • 2-24 months to completion (pending scope of build)

What’s your idea? We love to work with our clients to design and build the vehicle of their dreams. We can work within our extensive list of commonly done modifications, or we can go outside the box with a completely custom design. Let us know what you’re thinking. Here’s an awesome Custom FJ40, the EMP-40:

EMP40 18 Proffitts Resurrection Land Cruisers

Toyota FJ40 DNA

Followers of our work will notice our consistent style of restoring the 40 series models. This style is an evolution of having restored hundreds of FJ40s over more than 20 years of being in business. Even though we often make significant improvements, we believe that it’s important to keep the Toyota DNA everywhere that it’s practical to do so. This is especially important with things that preserve the original essence of the model. This is hard to summarize but is accomplished by making many small, correct decisions regarding things like  dash layout, color choices, textiles, use of OEM materials, stance,  finishes, and tasteful use of  technology,  We believe that earlier model FJ40s are better candidates for heavily customized builds, and that the later, more drivable models should be kept closer to stock. We have a menu full of common modifications and love to work with clients to configure the ideal FJ40 for them. 

Are Ready to Restore Your FJ40 to a Proffitt’s Quality Cruiser?

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